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Oct 6th, 2004 to Sept 27, 2008 Ran on WCOJ 1420AM until the station was suddenly sold Sept 30, 2008. See PDFs of news articles on

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The first 6 months of Computer Corner were on Wednesday Evenings, with.the First Show on Oct 6th, 2004. Links are made to most of the MP3s of the past shows right from this page. Simply click on the underlined date. The first 14 shows are on line at - go to the link at the bottom. You will need to get a username and password from me to access them. Just ask!! I will eventually bring these links over after all the others have been added. Most of the early shows were recorded in segments with the commercials removed. All shows except 23, 24, 25, 28, 31, and 36 are now available.

Oct 6th, 2004 Spyware First caller: Jeff from West Chester received a free CD with Spybot S & D.

Oct 13th Backing Up and Saving Your Data - Listeners learned the difference between data, drivers, programs, and the operating system. They also learned about some good backup devices.

Oct 20th Computer Security and Viruses: Special Guest & Security Expert: Joe Myshko. Joe Myshko has actually chased after notorious computer criminals.

Oct 27th Wireless Computer Security: Special Guest Expert: Troy Sorzano from Net Forcement.

Nov 3rd The Internet. How it works & what are the different ways to connect: Special Guest: Rich Goldberg, owner of Bee Net

Nov 10th VO/IP (Voice over IP)

Nov 17th Selecting your next computer. Should you Build One?

Nov 24th The "Turkey Bowl" football game prempted our show. The Game is a tradition on Thanksgiving Eve here on 1420 WCOJ.

Dec 1st Printers. (Show 8) All about inkjet and the new color laser printers. Should you refill your ink cartridges?

Dec 8th Digital photography. Joe Hubler will again be our specialist since video is one of his vocations.

Dec 15 TIVO, Replay, or a Computer to record your Favorite TV Programs. Also, How to record your favorite WCOJ radio show - use a VCR with it programmed with the correct time and the audio from your radio plugged into the AV audio input of the VCR.

Dec 22 Electronic Computer Toys and Gadgets for your computer. We will tell you our pick for the best computer. Your questions are always welcome and we plan to also give you some up to date Virus - Trojan - Spyware information.

Dec 29 Help for your new computer. How to hook it up properly, what to expect when you turn it on, some of the first things you need to do. Where to dispose of your old computer.


Jan 5 Web Page Hosting - (Show 13) Featuring Rich Witkowski, owner of JSWD: Learn how to put up a business or personal web site with your own Domain Name. Every business and organization should have a web page, whether you use it for just more information to potential customers or use it for e-commerce. You may be surprised how inexpensive it is. JSWD is a marketing partner of WCOJ's. Check out for more information.

Jan 12 Creating Web Pages (for beginners)

Jan 19 Digital Music including MIDI, MP3, and other audio formats. Special Guest Ken Miller

Jan 26 Linux - Special Guest: President of Mandrakeworks Dianne Ursini

Feb 2 Computer Viruses: Special guest, Christopher Faulkner, President of C I Host, a Managed Web page hosting and co-location solutions provider serving 215,000 individual consumers and companies in 190 countries worldwide

Feb 9 Totally Misc: Joe and I will come prepared with about 50 items to talk about concerning computers (Show 18)

Feb 16 EBAY - Learn How To Use EBAY and How It Works - Special Guest Bill Haggerty

Feb 23 Tonight: We were preempted by a basketball game at Oxford, so the show was cancelled. The programming will be rescheduled.

March 2 CCIL Chester County Interlink - Ed Callahan, President. CCIL, a 501C3 Non-Profit and a free Internet service to Chester County Senior Citizens.

March 9 Bugs, Threats, Terrorism, Spyware, Crashes:

March 16 More about Threats, Terrorism, Spyware, and Viruses: Joe Mysko rejoins us as our special guest and security expert. Last weeks show was so spectacular and my visitors to the store and and the emails are requesting more.

March 23 We struck a nerve! Listeners still want more and Joe Mysko is willing to come back again. More information about Threats, Terrorism, Spyware, and Viruses. Joe goes so far to say that these terrorists and even American companies that plant spyware in your computer are stealing from you. They are using your hard drive space, clock cycles, and stealing your bandwidth. Learn how you might fight back.

March 30 Show #24 Windows: How it works, why it breaks, how to fix it, and should Microsoft be allowed to sell a defective product?

Starting April 9th, 2005 The show moved to Saturday Mornings

April 9th (Show #25) Malware updates

April 16 Understanding Your Computer Files and Data, and What to Back up and How to Do It.

April 23 Building Your Own Computer

April 30 The Internet - How It Works, and Why It Breaks Occassionally

May 7 (Show #29) Wireless and Your Internet Connection - War Driving

May 14 VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

May 21 Web Pages: Creating a Personal Web Page and How and Where to Put It.

May 28 "Pool Party" A special show with all kinds of information and News discussions.

June 4 (Show #33) Security: How to Protect Your Computer and Why the Infections Keep on Getting to you and Faster: Joe Myshko - Special Guest and Security Expert

June 11 Computer Photography

June 18 Spyware and Your Infected Computer - You Didn't Take All the Precautions, so now what?

June 25 Should Microsoft Be Allowed to Sell You Defective Software? (one of our best shows but the tape machine jammed and the show didn't get recorded)

July 2 (Show # 37) Networking: How it works, how to set it up, and what goes wrong

July 9 Computer Gaming: Software & Hardware Issues

July 16 Wireless and Spyware Issues

July 23 Malware: Security, Trojans, and Spyware - Special Guest: Joe Myshko is back again

July 30 Featuring Gene's Sidekick: Joe Hubler as Host :Pointers on speeding up older computers (Gene is on Vacation this week) Joe will also take your calls for any other help.

Aug 6 Customer Questions from Gene's phone, answering machine, and walk-ins (Although Gene and Joe have pre-recorded this show, it is fresh material).

Aug 13 Back to School Computers: The deals and What to Get. Also 2nd Hand Computers. Special Guest: Louis Keser from Second Source Computers in West Chester

Aug 20 BPL (Broadband Over Power Line) Another option to broadband that will polute the radio waves

Aug 27 Removing Infections Also, why you keep getting infections

Sept 3 More questions answered from customers, from my phone and in store collection

Sept 10 Linux with special guest Bill Mosko from

Sept 17 Evolving Technologys: Serial ATA, SATA-2, 10,000rpm, BTX, Dual Core, Water Cooled Systems (some new systems are just so hot), EFI (the replacement for the BIOS), PCI Express, Vista

Sept 24 Search Engines

Oct 1 First Anniversary: Show # 50 Special guest: JOe Myshko, security expert, and Rich Goldberg of BeeNet. Those Nasty Infections Just Won't Go Away - Update.

Oct 8 Home automation: X-10, Digital Home, and More

Oct 15 Internet Maps and GPS

Oct 22 Tele-Computing, Remote Access ( and who is doing what to your computer?)

Oct 29 Software Licensing

Nov 5 Malware with special guest Joe Myshko, security consultant

Nov 12 Backing up you files

Nov 19 EPC (The Entertainment PC) What it is, what it is for, can you build one, and should you have one?

Nov 26 Electronic Toys, Gadgets, and Computer Related Holiday Gifts - We have the latest computer news and will also discuss some security issues. (first 20 minutes of show not recorded)

Dec 3 Malware (it's Never ending)

Dec 10 Double-Header (1) A computer on every students desk, even elementary school (2) More Malware: important developements that can't wait

Dec 17 Hard Drives - How they work and what's inside

Dec 24 Our Christmas Show with Santa Claus (he will be calling in) ALSO: Installing Software & Hardware in your Computer

Dec 31 Year end summary -Joe Myshko joined us last minute and we had loads of good information. Joe Hubler was recovering from a customer who didn't back up their hard drive. An Encore presentation of this show ran Sunday at 1220PM


Jan 7 Malware Updates

Jan 14 Computer Diagnostics: When your computer fails

Jan 21 For Beginners

Jan 28 Freeware and Shareware

Feb 4 Malware

Feb 11 Heat and Your Computer

Feb 18 Caring for Your Computer

Feb 25 Computer Sound, with some new angles

March 4 Security Updates - New Trojans threaten on-line banking by transferring your money while you are logged in. Special Guest: Joe Myshko, Independant Security Consultant will be with us. Joe has chased the most notorious including Kevin Mitnick who broke into our government's most secure systems and stole top secret information, landing him in Federal prison without access to even a phone for his 5 years served because the government was afraid of him.

March 11 Personal Web Pages

March 18 Questions and Answers from a growing list. Email us with any question that's nagging you.

March 25  Graphics - We want to know what video card you have in your computer. Find out and give us a call on this show. Usually, you see a message when your computer boots up. Your documentation should also tell you.

April 1 Malware- It is getting worse?

April 8th Windows Utilities: What they are and how to use them, and more

April 15  Your questions answered from calls and emails and our list. Prize for the best question called in. Dave from Coatesville wins for the best question. Joanne gets second place.

April 22 More questions answered. Give us a call or email your question. (One of our best shows and the recorder was recording another show).

April 29 Still More questions answered. Give us a call or email your question. Last weeks show was one of the best with a record number of callers. Its like the topic keeps changing every few minutes.

May 6th Security - ID Theft: How its done from the INternet and how to prevent it. - Special Guest Troy Sorzano from Netforcement

May 13 Installing Software Upgrades - OS & Programs and answers to your emails and phone calls

May 20 Drivers plus your questions answered.

May 27 The need for speed. Your Computer and the Internet.

June 3rd Computer Security 

June 10 Special Printers

June 17 Satellite Internet Service

June 24 Flash Memory (by Joe)

July 1 Security including "MoviePass"

July 8 The Internet On The Road  as you travel or go on vacation: WIFI, EVDO, Webmail, Blackberry, and other methods

July 15  Failed Software Installations

July 22 RAID (Special Hard Drive Controllers)

July 29 Video Editing Joe Hubler, Host and expert

Aug 5 Joe's "What Bugs You about Computers and Windows?"

Aug 12 Security - and Gene's "What Bugs Me about Windows"

Aug 19 Email: How it works and what can go wrong. Backing Up Your address book and email. We didn't get too far with all the calls so we will try to make this up next week.

Aug 26 Let's Finish up the Email topic and then go onto Uninteruptable Power Supplies,dirty power, and protecting Windows from power glitches. Also 3 minute interveiw with Congressman Curt Weldon.

Sept 2 Security Tips for Students going back to school. Also, you can expect Windows to un-activate and stop running because of a Microsoft problem. Listen in for the details.

Sept 9 Recording a CD or DVD, including Nero & Easy CD Creator

Sept 16 Music Downloading  - Is it illegal?

Sept 23 Questions and Answers - a new list

Sept 30 More Questions and Answers

Oct 7 Computer Security - Our Birthday, Celebrating our 2nd full year - Open house at Gene's Computer 10AM-Noon

Oct 14 More Questions and answers

Oct 21  Mini Topics: OCR, Blue Tooth, Lightscribe, etc

Oct 28 Questions from the Boy Scouts at the Camporee and JoTA (Jamboree on the Air)

Nov 4 Security - Specifically: Social Engineering with Joe Myshko, security expert in the studio

Nov 11 More Mini-Topics

Nov 18 More Mini-Topics including Posture and "Is Core 2 Duo worth it?"

Nov 25th Mini Topics: WIFI Troubles, Compression, DVD, Selecting a New Computer, LCD vs CRT

Dec 2 Security: Why you will still have trouble

Dec 9 Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas including a special interview.

Dec 16 Windows VISTA: 25 reasons why you might want it and 25 reasons you might not want it. Also learn why Vista Locks Users inand how it will change everything

Dec 23 Holiday Party - We have a gift for you. Everything You Need to Know about the Care of Your Computer

Dec 30 Continuing Last Weeks List and then Year end Roundup - Live!


Jan 6th:  Security including Wireless and BlueTooth

Jan 13: Mini-topics

Jan 20: More Mini-topics

Jan 27 More Mini-topics

Feb 3 Security

Feb 10 Windows VISTA

Feb 17 More Mini-Topics

Feb 24 More Mini-Topics

March 3 Security - New Shocking Information about Infections that you can't get rid of, even by reformatting your hard drive

March 10 More Mini-Topics including New Technology for Monitors, Soft Power Switches, About Windows Updates

March 17 More Mini-Topics

March 24 Special topics and lots of customer troubles

March 31 More Mini-Topics

April 7th Security - Firewalls - Special Guest, Joe Myshko, Security Consultant

April 14th More Mini Topics and lots of interesting news and even a security alert

April 21th More Mini-topics including Wireless problems, Computers that keep getting infected, and Computers in the Workplace

If the link is not highlighted, you may still be able to download the MP3 file by knowing the secret. The MP3s are at  Simply substitute the correct date.

April 28th Mini-topics

May 5th Security

May 12th Computer Hoaxes

May 19th Mini-topics: SATA Hard drive trouble, Grey Market

May 26th More Mini-topics: 3rd party Registry Repair Tools and System Restore

June 2: Security

June 9 Software and Music Licensing

June 16 Father's Day Gifts and Your new "Computer Instruction Book" Every thing that should be in there.

June 23 More Mini-Topics including Bandwidth, Multi-media PCs, Driving while computing, Hard drives

June 30

July 7 Security - Special Guest - Joe Myshko

July 14 Linux

July 21 Mini-topics

July 28 Email: 8 Mistakes that make you look bad and Tips to make you look good

August 4th Security - (prerecorded show didn't air while Gene was on Vacation)

August 11 Mini-series produced by Joe Hubler (speeding up your computer)

August 18 More Mini-series produced by Joe Hubler (more speeding up your computer)

August 25 More Mini-series produced by Joe Hubler

Sept 1 Security - After 20 minutes of dead air caused by a computer problem, the recorded show started at 830 and ran to 906AM The complete show can be downloaded in 3 segments and substitute a b and c for the second and third segment

Sept 8th The show will be in depth computer news and discussions on that news and if we have time, some more of Gene's topics.

 Sept 15 Computers & IRS audit, HDTV channels, Monster's Trojan, IPV6, Wired's Wiretap story, Social Networking Overload, Secret Window's Updates, Weird New Resolution, Data Miners not minor, Why Cleanup your TMPS, TIFs, and Cookies (yes, we covered all this)

 Sept 22 Misc info

Sept 29 Misc info

Oct 6 Security Show with special guest Joe Myshko

Oct 13 Misc Info

Oct 20 We had a good show planned but the storm put the station off the air.

Oct 27 Interview with David Goldman, CEA of Identity Finder software

Nov 3 Security Show - The Storm Worm threat continues

Nov 10 Numerous Minitopics

Nov 17 Loads of Listener emails and more minitopics 

Nov 24 USB Ports from A to Z

Dec 1 Security Show  Joe Myshko will speak on Spam and how it leads to Malware

Dec 8 Special Guest Brian Fielder, Microsoft Security Specialist

Dec 15 All kinds of various information including selecting a new computer

Dec 22 Variety

Dec 29 Variety including ON-site service, power wiring problems, in-flight Internet services, alternate data streams, and HDTV

Jan 5 Security with Joe Myshko

Jan 12 Variety

Jan 19 Variety

Jan 26 Variety

Feb 2 Security with Joe Myshko, Security Specialist

Feb 9 Variety

Feb 16 Variety

Feb 23 Variety

March 1 Security with Joe Myshko, Security Specialist

March 8 Variety

March 15 Special Guest Paul Tabatschkow N3UD (Ham call sign) with the new OLPC (One Laptop per Child) - the $100 laptop - I saw it and its really neat

March 22 Corey Greenberg

March 29 Computer Graphics - Joe Hubler and his expertise

April 5th Security with Joe Myshko

April 12th Second Life

April19th Variety

April 26 Variety

May 3rd Security with special guest Joe Myshko

May 10 Variety

May 17 Variety

May 24 Variety - numerous emails and phone calls

May 31 Variety 

June 7 Security with Joe Myshko

June 14 Linux: Special Guests - Alex and Lyz

June 21 Various

June 28 Various

July 5 Various  - we changed to accomodate Jo Myshko

July 12 Security with Joe Myshko

July 19 Various

July 26 Various

Aug 2 Security with Joe Myshko - Robert Henson engineer

Aug 9 Joe Hubler, Joe Myshko, and Robert Henson - eventually got to the topic of flash memory

Aug 16 Gene is back from Vacation - store tories and tidbits

Aug 23 Various Store stories and tidbits

Aug 30 Various

Sept 6 Various

Sept 13 Various

Sept 20 Various

Sept 27 Various Last show on WCOJ

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