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Computer Corner Radio Show

Celebrating 14 plus years (since Oct 4, 2004)



May 6 th: I build a brand new i5-8400 6-Core Computer (new motherboard-CPU-8GB-SSD drive) for the "On-Air" audio that should be most reliable. Lots of hours went into this. Its fast! This machine is used to not only record, but all audio goes through it on the way to the streaming server and it supplies announcements and programming in automation. Maybe this will fix the stereo problem too.

May 4, 2019 The audio computer failed. It was turned on at 650AM, still running at 710am, and then as I turned to go out the door, I heard a motorboating noise. I went back, the computer was frozen. I restarted or tried to but it wouldn't come to life. I called Joe to meet me in West Chester and headed there myself. It appears to be the motherboard.

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Fifth Dimension Radio Network

Celebrating 10 + years (since Oct 2008)

Live on every Saturday Morning from 8-930AM (8-9AM on WCHE-1520AM)

Our link is here for the Stream You must have a player such as Windows Media Player or VLC for Windows 10

Why you need to listen every week and also entice your friends and neighbors to listen

Malware: Ransomware, Spyware, Trojans, Adware, Viruses, and Worms - New threats, The Risks, Avoidance, Removal, The Scams, Phishing

Windows Flaws & updates - why you need to restart your computer weekly and also not interupt them

Data Collection by your browser and almost everything you do on the Internet is used against you contributing to ID Theft, Phishing, and Scams

Why You should not be using Windows XP - Vista - or Windows 7 - and Upgrade to Windows 10

Backing up: Why its so important to do it and do it right (off-line backup)

Why your Windows Computer should be powered by an UPS (uninteruptable power supply)

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If you fail to hear our 5DRadio stream on Saturday morning, look for the live Saturday morning show on as we head to the WCHE studio in West Chester, Pa if our Internet or electric system fails. If WCHE fails to pick us up, we should be right here.


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Audio Streamed using BroadWave Streaming Audio Server by NCH Swift Sound Software on our dedicated server in Malvern through Verizon FIOS using a link on web page


Special Note: Gene's Shop and the 5DRadio studio moved March 2009 from Frazer to Malvern. Click link for directions.

Please call 610-590-0451 before stopping at the new shop or studio . is an Internet Radio Network set up to Broadcast - Stream - Podcast - and provide our programming to affilliated radio stations

Established: Oct 11, 2008 after WCOJ 1420 was sold to the Catholic Radio Network

Our show has been carried by WCHE 1520 in West Chester since shortly after 5DRadio was established

How our stream works: We have an audio mixer board for our mics and other audio sources which feeds to our "audio" computer and that feeds to our "streaming server" computer using software (Broadwave Streaming Server). We use a service called DYNDNS that locks our ever changing IP address to on our server. The link on our web page at BEENET supplies the path so your computer can find our stream.

Joe pictured above in the studio in the Shop


Saturday November 10 We were able to make a change to our main router so that it will update our ever changing IP address with and now the software on our computer should no longer be required.

Saturday November 3 The Show was broadcast from West Chester due to the storm the night before. We were running on generator but the internet was up and down, including a changed IP address again and Dyndns not following. The 5DRadio router was also not functioning.

Tune-In has notified us that our stream must be up 24/7 in order to maintain the stream on their app

September 29, 2018 Murphy Strikes Again! Dyndns service failed to negotiate our Verizon changed IP address and it didn't resolve to the required for the link for listeners to get the stream.

Our Broadcast originated from WCHE studios in West Chester today. This is why we mention to look at and the station directly when things can and do go wrong.

September 22, 2018 The problem with the stream has been completely resolved: Problem #1 was the growing number of listeners on the stream so a quad-core computer replaced the old server. Problem #2 was "VPNFilter" Malware embedded inside the Router code. Now, no more dropouts and no more "slow-motion" voice. Who would have though? Remember the FBI warning several months ago about rebooting and then resetting your router? See the article attached in PDF format and maybe you should reset your router. No one is exempt. This was a Verizon provided router. Click here for article



Guest Co-Host 3-9-2019 (My Alien Friends)


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